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From My Exhibition: Essence of Amina, 2018

I have painted the landscapes of my beloved Majdal throughout the seasons and times of the day. I have painted my life, my children and all that intrigues and inspires me. To see them all together in one place is special for me.

The most recent work, from the past several years, represents a departure into an inner search of what it is to be a woman and a Jordanian woman.

I paint in oil paints on canvas and my favourite method is to stretch my own raw linen and size it myself.This is not easy, particularly for the big sizes (2x2.5m) It is truly a labour of love

Self Portrait

My sketches use a variety of media from ink to Japanese water colours and crayon and pen on paper. These are mostly done when I am away from my studio and traveling.

My work is essential to me. Without painting I do not feel well. This creativity allows me to absorb what is around me and tap into it for my art. This is what helps keep my balance in life.

My work is expressive in as much as it is guided by my feelings and emotions brought out by captivating experiences of the personal and the subjective.

My work is expressive in and is guided by my feelings.

In more recent years my paintings have been inspired by my identity as a woman. My inward reflection ‘in-flection’ on being a woman.

I feel very intensely the similarity between the essence of a woman and the essence of an olive tree. Olive trees are resilient and bountiful. From their fruit, their wood, their oil and their leaves. Above all else their impressive resilience. For an olive tree will survive in the most difficult conditions. It might not bear you fruits, but it will endure. When it is shown some care it will bear some fruit. When given a little more care and attention it will be bountiful and magnificent.

The olive tree did not choose the location where it was planted. The type of climate, the soil and the water availability. It sets its roots and has to do its best to live and survive.

Just like women we don't choose the families we are born into and yet we set our roots firmly and do what we can. When we are placed in a difficult environment we survive and persist. Yet when we grow nurtured and supported we become the most bountiful givers, carers and makers.

So for me my work reflects these parallels between the olive tree, its rootedness, its environment, its resilience and my personal journey as a daughter, a sister, a mother and a wife.

My journey as a Jordanian woman.

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