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Mountain silhouettes and a tapestry of leaves

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

I have always been intrigued by layers. Layers in our emotions, lives and in the perception of a view. Where I place my focus is what I see, but if I place my focus further or closer there is just so much more to see in shapes, forms and colours. It feels like a tapestry of for and colour with the depth being where I chose to place my focus...

When I observe an olive tree I am most interested in what I can see through the tapestry of leaves as they blow in the breeze or what their gaps reveal... close and far.

Olive With Fruit

Mountains in the distance one further than the other, lighter than the other till they reach the horizon. Something so serene, so peaceful. Their steadfastness is reassuring and yet overwhelming. They make me feel alive and also insignificant. Very humbling to know they have been here for so long and will remain after I am gone.

Mountain silhouettes and their distance from me ( the tree) in the painting as well as their angles is something I use to express emotions. Overwhelmed, peaceful and serene. Just like the multitude of emotions in our lives, experienced conflicting and often together.


self portrait

Home is where the heart is

Leaves with their richness, colour and their abundance or lack of, is an expression of state of being.

The view is often an aspiration and a longing as are the choices of colours and tones.

The earth, the olive tree, the mountains and sky are my feelings, aspirations and solace.

Grateful for the forms of expression granted me and the endless inspirations gifted me from the Nature that surrounds me.

Hillside Happiness

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