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Welcome to Amina Mango Art

Reflections on being and seeing

I am on a never-ending creative journey that is expressive, guided by my feelings and emotions with the freedom to pursue my creative inspirations without limits. 

With the luxury of freedom from having to fit into a certain stereotype or having to conform to a certain mould, for this I am eternally grateful.

My inspirations are derived from Nature in all her forms, shapes, textures and colours. Blended with  feelings  and emotions that are my life's journey. Ever changing  and evolving.

To create pieces that are soulful and unique. 

Amina's World: Welcome

 Amina Mango Art

Feel transported by unique pieces inspired by Nature

Amina's creative studio is found in Majdal, Jordan. Nestled in her family olive farm surrounded by Nature, where Amina derives her inspiration.

Unique pieces in oil on canvas, multimedia and paper.                           

Recently the pieces have become large    (200cmx 250cm)  oil paints on raw linen and canvas.

Collectors have described them as:      "hard to get such really great, well done large sized nature inspired pieces".

Amina's World: Welcome

Oneness Revealed by Nature

Latest Exhibition,  Dar Al Anda, Amman October 2022

Through these works, Amina is highlighting native plants that are crucial to our ecosystem and the need for them to be acknowledged, respected and preserved.
From nurturing Nature to protecting her and truly looking at her, Amina has found her path to solace. Her art is her expression of the boundless love for the sacred and the oneness of creation

serene place_edited.jpg

Serene Place


When needing to be transported to a balanced serene place this is what Amina imagines to help her be there. An olive by a shimmering sea... Using silver leaf to highlight the shimmering sea. Looking closely you notice there is no boundary between tree trunk and sea, between leaves and sea. All merge into each other.

wild oak and pistachio_edited.jpg

Wild oak & pistachio


Living in Majdal Amina has been fortunate to be able to care for and protect a native forest around her home. Here you can see indigenous tree species found in these native forests: wild oaks and wild pistachios. Overlooking a view of hills and field of olives. Where all are equally important in the struggle against ever decreasing rainfall in this part of the world.

thistles in summer_edited.jpg

Amina Mango Art: Latest Exhibition

Summer thistles


what & wild oats_edited.jpg

Wild what & oats


All wild plants are part of an ecosystem that thrives and provides balance- as long as man with his agricultural techniques and overgrazing does not destroy.

from within.jpg

From within


An olive tree seen from within. As though the viewer is the tree and seeing the view from the view point of within the tree. Simmer colours, shadows and light.

nightscape olives by the sea.jpg

Night-scape, olive by a shimmering sea


An olive by a shimmering sea at night. Colours are three with silver leaf for the shimmering sea at night




Olives ripe and blue




Never-ending silhouettes of overlapping hills that flow towards the sunset at the horizon is a very dreamy place where the warmth and love of Oneness are felt.

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